Sunday, 17 November 2013

10 things that should not happen during your first three months of marriage

1. You get a sore throat that makes your voice deeper than his.

2. You get new blinds. Because when people ask what's new with you, the answer is that you got new blinds. Nobody cares about your blinds.

3. You discover that one of the walls in your flat is riddled with damp and that you're going to have to rip out your entire kitchen to fix it. Some of the dust might get on the blinds.

4. You find a wall of mould behind your wardrobe, that all your clothes are covered in mould and that if you'd just opened the chuffing window every once in a while this never would have happened.

5. You discuss the damp and mould situation over email and text message. I understand some people are into sexting; the only photographs we've sent each other recently are of dehumidifiers.

6. You spend more time speaking to British Gas about your temperamental boiler than to each other.

7. You fail to notice that your prescription for The Pill is running out, have to spend a week without it, and turn into an, albeit short-term, psychopath.

8. You develop a daily craving for boiled eggs and soldiers and start every post-work conversation with an update on the gooey-ness of that morning's breakfast. He is not interested.

9. You get a water bill. Nobody deserves a water bill.

10. You're forced to say "Well, thank goodness the wedding is over!" when you discover how much cash you have to spend on all of the above. Eggs don't come cheap, you know.

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